Variables related to consent in searches

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SELECT rae_codes.RACE_ETHNICITY as race_ethnicity, SUM(ADS_ASKED_SEARCH_PER) as asked_person_for_consent, SUM(ADS_SEARCH_PERS_CONSEN) as person_consented_to_search, SUM(ADS_SEARCH_PERSON) as searched_person, SUM(bfs.BFS_CONSENT_GIVEN) as bfs_consent_given, COUNT(main.REASON_FOR_STOP) as rfs_consentual_encounter_consentual_search FROM action_taken AS at INNER JOIN race_ethnicity AS rae ON rae.UNIQUE_ID = at.UNIQUE_ID INNER JOIN basis_for_search AS bfs ON bfs.UNIQUE_ID = rae.UNIQUE_ID INNER JOIN race_ethnicity_codes AS rae_codes ON rae.RAE_FULL = rae_codes.CODE LEFT JOIN (SELECT UNIQUE_ID, REASON_FOR_STOP FROM aa_main_table WHERE REASON_FOR_STOP = 6) AS main ON main.UNIQUE_ID = rae.UNIQUE_ID GROUP BY rae.RAE_FULL

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Asian 2719
Black/African American 46394.0
Hispanic/Latino 74929.0
Middle Eastern/South Asian 2055.0
Native American 397
Pacific Islander 752
White 35654.0
Multiracial 2235